Our suggestions to eat and drink like proper Bolognese.

For an Espresso coffee the Italian-way you cannot miss Bologna’s historical bars, from “Caffè Terzi”, a famous roasting company of the city, to the amazing pastry shops located in the most beautiful squares of the centre.

Here’s our list:

→ Caffè Terzi
→ Casa Minghetti 
→ Zanarini
→ Gamberini
→ Pasticceria Santo Stefano (absolutely my favourite in town!)


Once in the centre you’ll have different options for lunch, you can choose to visit the two different covered markets of the town and stop to have lunch in one of the many stands you will find inside.

→ Mercato delle Erbe, just at the start of Via Ugo Bassi
→ Mercato di mezzo, in the heart of what Bolognese call “Quadrilatero”


If you have already visited the markets above, you can’t miss  lunch at Sfoglia Rina, one of the most famous pasta shops of the city. Don’t  be scared about the long line outside, our suggestion is to go there for an early lunch, choose one of their fresh pastas as a first course and then spoil yourself with one of the typical desserts on the menu. We are sure it will catch your heart!

Other places we can’t fail to mention on our lunch list are Simoni, Zero Cinquantino, and Vecchia Malga. If tigelle and crescentine filled with typical hams and cheeses are what you’re craving, choose one of these places and you can’t go wrong.

→ Sfoglia Rina
→ Simoni 
→ Zero cinquantino
→ Vecchia Malga


Maybe you’re in Bologna for a weekend and you’re looking for a Brunch, there are two  places no one can beat in the city:

→ Lampadina and the just opened (and tested by me with passing marks)
→ Casa Azzoguidi


Bologna is also famous in the world as the city of Artisan Gelato. Her excellent ice-cream shops are all around the city, and if you still have some space after lunch here’s our suggestions:

→ Cremeria Santo Stefano
Cremeria Vecchia Stalla 
La Sorbetteria Castiglione

Although our favourite Artisan Gelato, properly made, will be found outside the city centre just a nice walk away from La Magnolia B&B:

La Cremeria Funivia is a must in town, and if you’re craving a delicious snack you can’t miss “Leonardo” and “Alice” their best-selling ice-cream flavours, two real goodies everyone dies for!

Cremeria Funivia


Another must-do in the city is Aperitivo, Piazza Santo Stefano is with no doubt the most popular place to go,  but we also want to add some cute places nearby:

→ Camera con vista 
→ Agricola e Vitale 
→ Vineria Favalli
→ Velluto Bologna
→ Flor_Bologna
→ Tamburini
→ L’Emporio


Dinner,  as well as Sunday lunch (which is most holy for Bolognese), is one of our highlights when talking about food. The Bolognese are pleasure-seekers, and so is our favourite restaurant list, we know you won’t be disappointed. (All the following restaurants are in the centre and are ordered by distance from the B&B).

For reservations, especially during the weekend, we recommend you to book your table as soon as you can. If you need us to reserve something for you just ask Sara!

→ Casa Monica
Ristorante Biagi
→ Osteria Bottega
→ Osteria Santa Caterina
→ Battibecco
→ Casamerlò
→ Vicolo Colombina
Trattoria Cesarina
Antica Osteria Romagnola
Da Silvio
Da Fabio


If you prefer to stay around the B&B, two restaurants don’t compete with the others in Andrea Costa:

→ Trattoria Bertozzi, a cozy typical Bolognese Trattoria located three minutes walk from La Magnolia, that is with no doubt one of the favourite restaurants both for us and our guests.

→ Seijo, a very nice sushi, less than a minute walk from the B&B.

If you might be in Bologna from a bit, and rather change cuisine (not more typical Bolognese), those are our favourite choices downtown:

→ Seta Sushi Lab, that is absolutely the best sushi restaurant in town.

→ Seta Meat Lab, same concept as the sushi one, but with a menù all based on special cuts of meat.

→ Ahimé Bologna, the first and only restaurant in town to achieve the conquest of the Green Michelin Star.

→ Da Zero, a real pizzeria owned by two guys from Cilento, who really knows how to make a pizza properly.


Are you looking for a drink after dinner? Here’s our favourite list for a cocktail with all the trimmings:

→ Camera con vista 
→ Velluto Bologna
→ Flor_Bologna
→ Diverso
Donkey (the one and only speak easy in the city)
→ Bamboo Bologna


All the places we’ve recommended are in the historic city centre and they are all easily reachable from La Magnolia B&B with a nice walk, or also by taking a bus or a taxi as you prefer. For any other suggestions for restaurants or places outside city centre or up on the hills, don’t hesitate and ask Sara, she will find the right place for you!